ISAWAN's Story

ISAWAN by Isawan Sutthinark is Thailand’s leading handbag and accessories brand that is loved by many. The brand’s aesthetics is rooted in vintage glam and designer’s celebrated eclecticism, resulting in statement handbags that are feminine yet spontaneous.

Striving for unique, effortlessly stylish look, Isawan was self-trained to adapt, re-purpose, and re-wear her mother’s closet, artfully mixing elegance with funk. The keepsakes that resonated with her most are the X-shaped earrings, which were incorporated as a part of Isawan’s first handbag. The cool and crisp ‘Crochet’ bag quickly gained momentum and became a big hit among friends and passerby alike.

In recent years, Isawan has expanded her product lines that pivots around the brand’s aesthetic core, from handbags to shoes, accessories, and Isawan for Men; with new additions, including tech, travel and sports accessories soon to be included in the portfolio.